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Post-Adoption Services

Adoption Options is committed to helping adoptive parents throughout the adoption process, including during the important period after the adoption takes place.
We offer both formal post-placement visits and continued counseling and support.
Post-Placement Visits

Adoption Options provides post-placement visits and supervision for adoptive families who live in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Post-placement supervision is a requirement when a child is placed in an adoptive home. It consists of visits with the family in the home or at our offices to review health, child development, and both the child’s and the parents’ adjustment to a new family.

As part of the post-placement process, Adoption Options provides a written report on each visit. These reports document progress both for the family and for the agency, state, or country that has requested supervisory services.

Information and Support

In addition to meeting an adoption requirement, post-placement visits with our trained social workers offer an opportunity for family members to ask questions and receive helpful information regarding adoption issues. Families may also receive referrals to community resources if needed.