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Shalom Affordable Housing

The Shalom affordable housing complex, which includes Shalom and Shalom II Apartments, offers supportive living with services for seniors and the mobility impaired. Located on a landscaped, 8.6-acre site in suburban Warwick, Shalom is a short walk from area shopping malls and close to I-95.

A National Model

Shalom and Shalom II Apartments integrate strong supportive programs and activities for seniors and mobility-impaired adults. This approach enables us to offer an enriched service environment where tenants thrive.

Since it opened in 1980, Shalom’s reputation has grown both locally and nationally as a model for supportive affordable housing. Both Shalom and Shalom II have earned a superior rating from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

An Enriched Environment

At our Shalom and adjacent Shalom II Apartments, a Resident Service coordinator is on hand to assess each tenant’s needs and provide help connecting with appropriate agencies and services. Our central dining room, a hub of activities, provides noontime meals. An active tenants’ association keeps energy levels high with planned trips, meetings, speakers programs, parties and other events.

Shalom also offers a range of amenities to make life healthy and enjoyable:

  • Computer room
  • Library
  • Beauty salon
  • Convenience store
  • Elevators
  • Laundromats
  • Exercise room
  • Flu & pneumonia clinic
  • Craft classes
  • Community rooms and lounges
  • Book club
  • Games like poker, bingo and Mah Jongg
  • Shalom Mealsite
  • Landscaped grounds
  • Parking
  • Farmers’ market
  • Voting venue

For information on how Shalom meets the housing and social needs of Rhode Island’s qualified elderly and mobility-impaired residents, call (401) 738-4414 or email shalom@conversent.net.

Two Exceptional Housing Options

Shalom offers two affordable housing facilities: Shalom Apartments for seniors and mobility-impaired adults, and Shalom II Apartments for seniors only. Eligibility guidelines for each facility include specific age and annual income requirements.

Shalom Apartments for the Elderly and Mobility Impaired

Shalom Apartments offers self-reliant older and mobility-impaired adults a modern residence in a safe, supportive environment, with live-in staff. Located at 1 Shalom Drive in Warwick, RI, this five-story facility is designed to provide comfort and ease of living for lower-income residents.

Shalom Apartments has 100 units, including 95 one-bedroom and 5 two-bedroom apartments. All apartments have fully equipped kitchens, wall-to-wall carpeting, emergency call systems and air-conditioner sleeves. The building houses elevators, community rooms, security cameras and laundry facilities on four floors.

Shalom Apartments is funded under HUD Section 8 guidelines. Tenants must be aged 62 or older to qualify as seniors; those with mobility impairments must be 18 or older. Both tenant eligibility and rents are based on annual income. Qualifying tenants pay 30% of their income for rent.

Annual income limits for Shalom Apartments

1-person occupancy

Priority consideration

Maximum income

2-person occupancy

Priority consideration

Maximum income

Shalom II Apartments for Seniors

Shalom II Apartments, located at 2 Shalom Drive in Warwick, RI, offers affordable housing for seniors in a secure and welcoming environment. The four-story building houses 53 one-bedroom apartments designed for individual comfort within a community setting.

Shalom II offers security cameras, elevators, laundromats and activity rooms. Apartments have fully equipped kitchens, wall-to-wall carpeting, emergency call systems and air conditioner sleeves. A corridor connects Shalom II with the Shalom Apartment building, giving tenants easy access to the beauty parlor, library, hobby room and other amenities.

Like Shalom Apartments, Shalom II is funded under HUD guidelines. Only persons aged 62 and older are eligible to live at Shalom II. Tenant eligibility and rent are based on annual income.

Annual income limits for Shalom II Apartments

1-person occupancy

Maximum income

2-person occupancy

Maximum income

To apply for tenancy at Shalom or Shalom II, call (401) 738-4414 or email shalom@conversent.net.