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How Your Gift Helps

As a nonprofit agency, JCS relies on donations to bring relief to thousands of individuals and families every year. Your donation will directly support community members who are struggling with aging, caregiving responsibilities, hunger, housing or physical or emotional challenges.

 Changing Lives for the Better

Your gift to Jewish Collaborative Services can make all the difference to someone in need of help. We see the results every day.

Appreciation is read in the smile of the grandmother who feels part of a community again in our adult day program. It’s in the happiness of an adolescent who has overcome emotional difficulties with our counseling help. It’s in the relief of older and disabled individuals receiving food or housing through one of our programs. It’s in the joy of a family with a newly adopted child.

“The people who looked after mom will always be in my heart. She loved each and every one of them…. You taught her to be herself—to live, to dance, to love, to be loved, to be cared for, and to have special friends. You taught me that it was normal to cry, to vent, to be scared, to let go and take some time for myself. I don’t think I could have done all the things I did without your help.”

Your Gift Goes a Long Way

Here are some examples of how your donation to JCS can help:

$36 = One month of Lifeline RI protection for a senior living alone
$72 = Two weeks of kosher meals delivered to a homebound adult
$180 = One week of adult day services for an older or disabled individual
$360 = One month of individual counseling
$500 = One month of food for a family in need
$1,000 = Thanksgiving meals for 20 needy households
$1,800 = Heat assistance in cold winter months for 6 families

Learn about Giving

JCS offers many ways to give. You can designate a program, leave a legacy, or make a gift in honor of a loved one.

Make a Donation

Start making a difference today by filling out our easy-to-use form. You can choose where and how much to help.