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Passover Support

Every year, Jewish Collaborative Services’ Moes Chitim (Money for Wheat) campaign helps hundreds of community members celebrate Passover by distributing funds to purchase Passover foods.

Helping Families Celebrate Passover

Funds from the JCS Moes Chitim program help ensure that individuals and families in need can have a meaningful seder with the special foods eaten during the holiday.

The generosity of many donors helps hundreds of individuals and families each year. Eligible individuals and families receive a gift card to a supermarket that is convenient to their home. Funds are also distributed to community groups holding seders.

If You Need Help…

If you need assistance in celebrating Passover this year, or if you know of a family in need, please contact your rabbi or call JCS at (401) 331-1244.

Note that because funds are limited, we focus on those who would have great difficulty celebrating Passover without our support.

If You Would Like to Help Others…

If you are interested in making a monetary or food donation for the JCS Moes Chitim program, please contact us at (401) 331-1244. You can also click below to donate today.