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Adoption Options

Adoption Options is the nonprofit, nonsectarian adoption program of Jewish Collaborative Services. Licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Adoption Options has offices in Providence and Attleboro.

 Information Meetings – No Charge

Adoption Options holds free information meeting on ZOOM, Typically on the third Thursday of the month from 6-7 pm.  An RSVP for the meeting is required.  If we do not receive enough RSVP’s, the meeting will not be held.  Please note, you can always request a free private information session

Adoption Information and Consultation Session – No Charge

One-time, in-person adoption information and consultation meeting is offered to individuals and couples interested in learning more about the adoption process

The Adoption Process

Phase One: Application and The Home Study

Application Fee- $300

Payment Due: This fee is due when the home study application is submitted. The fee covers administrative tasks and is non-refundable.

Domestic Home Study Fee – $2400*

International Home Study Fee – $2600*

Payment Due:  This fee is due at least one week prior to your first scheduled meeting. Please can send one check combining the application and home study fee. If you’d like to pay over the phone please contact our Adoption Coordinaotr Carol Wild at 401-415-8203.

This home study fee covers the collection of all required documents, interviews, home visits, the gathering of collateral information and service planning.  Individuals and families will receive unlimited, notarized copies of their home studies as required.  Home studies are valid for 12 months.

Phase Two: Adoption Coordination

One-time Adoption Coordination Fee- $2000

Payment Due:  This fee is due when the home study is completed by Adoption Options and sent to the outside placement resources (Agency, Facilitator, Attorney, etc.).

The staff at Adoption Options will then begin to coordinate all necessary connections with other professionals and will assist the prospective adoptive family to navigate the next phase of the adoption journey.  The Adoption Coordination Fee includes all verbal and written communication/documentation to an agency, facilitator, attorney, etc.  The fee also includes continued support to the prospective adoptive family, consultations about birth parent matches, communication and documents related to the Interstate Compact for Children (ICPC), and unlimited home study addendums (needed when a family has a major change in life circumstances) and home study updates (needed annually to keep the original home study current).

Phase Three: Post Placement Services

Fee Per Visit/Report: $450 for single child, $550 for twins

Post Placement Supervision is required after a child is placed with a family. Requirements differ from state to state, as well as for international adoption. The required number of post-placement reports ranges from 2-6, with an average of 3 post-placement visits/reports. Information regarding the child(ren) is gathered from a home visit by an Adoption Options worker, who writes a report which adheres to all state and, if applicable, international requirements. If multiple post-placement reports are required, the total fee must be paid in full prior to the first visit.


Additional Services

Update for Home Study from Another Agency (Domestic) – $1,600

Update for Home Study from Another Agency (International) – $1800

 Update for Subsequent Adoption (This pertains to a Home Study that is completed by Adoption options) – $1,600

If you have any questions about fees, please discuss them with your adoption social worker or the Director of Clinical and Community Services.


Additional Fees from outside of the organization: Additional Fees

Printable Pdf: Adoption Options Fee Sheet 2023


* NOTE: Home study and post-placement supervision fees include up to 50 miles of travel from the nearest Adoption Options office. An additional fee will be assessed for travel outside the 50-mile radius.

“This has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to all involved!”

Contact Us

For additional information, or to arrange a private consultation, please call us at (401) 331-5437, or toll-free at (800) 337-6513. We have two convenient locations:

Adoption Options at JCS in Providence

1165 North Main Street
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Adoption Options in Attleboro

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