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Recently my friend Jim and I returned from a seven-day trip to Kentucky. While walking back to garage to get our car I tripped over my own two feet and fell in the middle of the street and literally kissed the ground. Jim and two strangers picked me up and made sure I wasn’t seriously hurt.

My glasses were bent with some blood on the lens. The next day I had a black and blue mark under the eye. I landed on my hand and by later that day it had swollen and need I tell you it hurt! The following day I had the hand and eye checked. No broken bones, just a bad sprain. The eye doctor seems to think nothing serious happened to the eye. But my vision is not entirely what it was. I have two further appointments to make sure it fully recovers.

When I fell, it truly scared me. It wasn’t because I might have really gotten hurt this time. It was because I live alone and if I fell once, it could happen again. It convinced me to become an advocate for Lifeline RI and their emergency alert system.  Just push the button and help is on the way. I now have one and wear it all the time. Technology has come a long way since I was last involved with the systems available. Ten years ago, they only worked in your house or perhaps in the yard. Now with GPS they can find me anywhere in the USA.

It’s reassuring to know that now it doesn’t matter, I can be in Florida, Kentucky or just simply down the street from my house, they will find me. I told someone who lives alone, don’t wait for the neighbors or the police to find you on the kitchen floor, invest in a medical alert system. It will allow you your freedom, and give your family, friends, and neighbors some reassurance that help is there the second you need it.

Stanley Ulbrych

For more Information on Lifeline RI call us at (401)331-1244 x306 or email Jennifer DelBonis at Jenniferd@jfsri.edu

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