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Today JCS is excited to announce a special LifelineRI holiday offer for new subscribers to get two months free when they sign up for a one-year subscription.

To help local families feel comfortable getting started with LifelineRI, this holiday deal ensures LifelineRI coverage for a full year, all for the price of 10 months! This holiday deal is available with any LifelineRI system including MG Mini Guardian, a GPS-enabled personalized medical alert button.

Portrait of happy senior couple holding camera and taking selfie photo sitting in cafe. The woman is wearing a medical alert device around her neck and the man is wearing a red scarf.

LifelineRI is a Providence-based personalized medical alert system that connects subscribers with 24/7 emergency care and assistance through wearable help buttons, at-home systems, and more. It’s a great option for aging adults who want to live independently at home or in a senior living community with peace of mind knowing that help is always available at the push of a button.

This deal is a great way to gift LifelineRI to a loved one, or to give LifelineRI a try for a year, for the price of only 10 months. A subscription to LifelineRI also includes a free at-home installation and walk-through with a member of the LifelineRI team. This is the biggest deal ever offered by LifelineRI and we’re proud to make it available to all new subscribers.

The LifelineRI holiday sale is available now until December 31, 2023. Subscribe or gift a subscription before December 1 for install by the holidays! To get started, call the LifelineRI team at 401-331-1244 or sign up here: LifelineRI Holiday Sale.

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