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Lifeline RI is a Rhode Island-based personal emergency response system, or help button, for seniors and disabled individuals that provides subscribers with the peace of mind to live independently knowing they have immediate access to help at the push of a button.

How can you get the best deal with New England’s most trusted help button? There is a range of options available with Lifeline RI that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget. We’ve put together a quick overview of everything you should know to help you get informed and find the best deal for you:

  • No strings attached: With Lifeline RI, there are no hidden fees and no contracts. You pay for your plan and nothing more.
  • $1 a Day: Basic plans with Lifeline RI start at $35/month, just a little more than $1 a day – that’s less than most smart phone bills! Basic plans include the wearable help button, a communication device, and access to the Lifeline 24-hour response center.
  • Step Up for Automatic Fall Detection: Upgrade your at-home system with automatic fall detection or opt for the On-the-Go Lifeline plan.
  • The Best Upgrade Package: On-the-Go is the GPS-enabled Lifeline RI button that you can wear in the house, at the store, and even on vacation. On-the-Go starts at $45/month and includes everything in a basic plan as well as automatic fall detection; five location technologies in one small button (offering superior GPS tracking than current smart watch models); and a small, waterproof, and re-chargeable button.
  • Free Installation: Get your Lifeline RI installed for free! A member of the Lifeline RI team will come to your home to get you set up and make sure you know how to use your system. No confusing instruction manuals.
  • Check for Discounts and Deals: We can help you get the best deal! All subscribers can get a free month when they sign up for a one-year subscription. When you speak with a Lifeline RI representative, also ask them to check if your health insurance covers the cost of Lifeline, if you qualify for a discount with AARP, or if there are any other seasonal offers happening.

Lifeline RI is an affordable personalized emergency response system and help button with a very quick set up. Contact our Lifeline team to check for deals and get started at the Lifeline RI page or call us at 401-331-1244.


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