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For older adults and individuals with disabilities who want to live at home but need quick access to help and emergency care, a personal emergency response system or “help button” is a great solution, as recommended by AARP. The technology behind these alert systems has evolved far beyond the “help, I’ve fallen” button. Today there are lots of options to consider! How do you pick the right one?

First, choose a local provider who can come to your home and get you connected with 24/7 care and your local emergency services. For seniors and disabled individuals living in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, Lifeline RI is a personal alert system run by a Providence, RI team. Because Lifeline RI is local, they always can come out to your home to set up your system for you and show you how to use it, including a live test call.

Next, think about what options and technology are offered with the personal alert system. With Lifeline RI, subscribers can create a personalized plan and select the right system and settings for their lifestyle, and change it any time as their needs evolve!

Lifeline RI personal emergency response options include:

  • A variety equipment including at-home systems that work with or without landline.
  • Different neck cord and wristband options that are small, comfortable, and waterproof.
  • The choice between at-home only or GPS-enabled support with the Lifeline On-the-Go button that you can wear everywhere in the U.S., even on vacation, and still be connected to 24/7 help.
  • A personalized care plan which connects your Lifeline RI system to your family members and neighbors, as well as emergency services. You can customize your plan further by adding doctors and other care providers who you’d like to notify of an incident.
  • Automatic fall detection.
  • A range of pricing and options to support any budget.

Lifeline RI is a truly personalized emergency response system for all! Call our Providence office at 401-331-1244 to speak with a member of the team about your lifestyle and build the Lifeline RI system that is best for you.

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