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If you love to knit or crochet, the Friends of Jewish Seniors, an initiative of Jewish Collaborative Services (JCS) wants you!

Formerly the Women’s Association (of Jewish Seniors Agency), the Friends of Jewish Seniors raises funds for Jewish seniors in Rhode Island and sponsors a knit shoppe that sells knitted or crocheted washable items for babies and young children – including hats, blankets, afghans and sweaters. These homemade items are available for sale in an area adjacent to the concierge desk at the Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence (Tamarisk), in Warwick.  Of the Knit Shoppe, which was recently moved from an out-of-the-way venue at Tamarisk, Friends of Jewish Seniors President Niecie Weiner said, “It was hard to find before. We’ve had more inquiries for our knit goods since we moved the shop this past summer.” The Knit Shoppe is no newcomer upstart; it existed even at the Jewish Home on Hillside Avenue in Providence.

“Many of these items are crocheted or embroidered; some are knitted and include a design in the knitting,” said Weiner, who learned how to knit at her mother’s elbow, but has not – yet – contributed any items to the Knit Shoppe. The sweaters, many of them with intricate designs, range in price from $50 to $65; booties are priced between $15 to $20; and baby hats are typically about $15. Prices vary, she explained, based on the intricacy of the design. “While we don’t currently offer regular store hours at the Knit Shoppe, we hope to do so in the future.” Items from the Knit Shoppe can be purchased directly from Tamarisk staff.

The Creative Hands Art Show at Temple Emanu-El this past November, where the Knit Shoppe had a booth showcasing their knit goods, was especially well-run; and was organized to make purchasing items so much easier than in past years. “Temple Emanu-El in Providence, Donna Stouber and Marjorie Pelcovitz all deserve kudos for making it such a great show”, said Weiner.

The Friends of Jewish Seniors, is eager to expand the Knit Shoppe’s inventory. While there is a small, but dedicated, corps of talented and experienced knitters, the Friends of Jewish Seniors welcomes others who might want to donate beautifully constructed and washable items for the Knit Shoppe’s inventory.

We are also interested in adding more items, including packages of note cards depicting images painted by Tamarisk residents, jewelry and other small items made in Tamarisk art classes. Proceeds from all sales, said Weiner, would go directly to support Jewish seniors via JCS programs.

Want to knit/stitch/crochet for the Knit Shoppe? Do you create other high-quality small items, such as jewelry, that could be sold there? Or, do you want to buy an item or two? Please call 401.732.0037 or stop by the concierge desk at Tamarisk to pass along your contact info (name, phone number, email) to Niecie Weiner.

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