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Caring for an aging parent or loved one when they want to stay in their home can be hard to handle alone. According to AARP, nearly 9 in 10 seniors receiving care or support live at home. How can you ensure your aging loved one stays socially active, connects with their community, eats well, and has easy access to care in case of an emergency?

Luckily in Rhode Island there are lots of support services provided by local nonprofits that can help you and your family. At JCS, a nonprofit housing and social service agency serving Rhode Island, we are committed to helping individuals and families get the care they need as well as supporting Jewish traditions of many in our community.

What does our team of professionals recommend for caring for a senior living at home? We’ve gathered up some of our best local support services to know about:

#1: Senior Cafés

Social interaction and healthy eating are key to living a happy and long life. Yet for older adults it can be difficult to make or buy nutritious meals and there is often a lack of opportunities for meaningful social interactions. Senior Cafés are a great solution to both problems!

JCS runs Senior Cafés in Providence and Cranston that offer delicious and healthy lunches in a social space for older adults to gather, chat, and eat together. Activities and entertainment are frequently running at the Senior Cafés. It’s a fun, social community where all are welcome. Learn more about Senior Cafés and find the closest one to you: https://jcsri.org/our-services/kosher-senior-cafes/

#2: Healthy Meal Delivery

For homebound seniors, Meals on Wheels is a recognized national program that helps at-risk older adults stay healthy and happy at home with nutritious meal delivery and personal check in.

For homebound Jewish seniors in Rhode Island, JCS provides Kosher Meals on Wheels. As part of our kosher nutrition program, Kosher Meals on Wheels delivers essential, healthy food to dozens of community members who keep kosher. Deliveries are made in Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, and Warwick.

Learn more about a Kosher Meal Delivery at https://jcsri.org/our-services/kosher-meals-on-wheels/. Get started at Meals on Wheels RI.

Portrait of adorable golden retriever dog sitting on couch at home with senior woman who is wearing a Lifeline RI medical alert button

#3: Personalized Emergency Response Technology (AKA Help Buttons!)

Emergencies can happen. A sense of safety and security is essential for all seniors living at home, alone or with others. Thanks to advancements in technology, there is a wide array of options available now for Personalized Emergency Response Systems (PERS) for seniors and disabled adults that connect them immediately to 24/7 expert assistance. PERS are help buttons worn around the neck or wrist that allow the user to live independently at home with peace of mind knowing they have help at the push of a button.

Lifeline RI is an affordable PERS run by a team right here at JCS. Unlike other medical alert systems or help buttons available online or at the pharmacy, Lifeline RI is run by all local staff and installed for you by a Lifeline RI associate for free within 5 days!

Lifeline RI provides a help button and 24/7 response service with a fully customized emergency plan for each subscriber. There are lots of options within the Lifeline RI equipment and technology, including at-home systems, necklace or wristband options, GPS-enabled services, automatic fall detection, and more. Seniors can sign up for themselves or family members can gift a subscription at any time: www.jcsri.org/LifelineRI

#4: Senior Outreach Visits

For isolated or homebound seniors, the connection to community and traditions becomes difficult to maintain. For seniors who are more isolated or newly homebound, consider a senior outreach visit service available in your area. Senior visits provide companionship as well as a friendly check on an individual’s status.

JCS offers Jewish Eldercare of Rhode Island (JERI) Senior Outreach Visits. JERI staff and volunteers make regular visits to Jewish homebound seniors and those living in nursing homes, assisted living communities. The JERI program provides the essential companionship visit, as well as a connection to Jewish traditions and customs. The JERI program provides cultural connection, religious services, spiritual support, holiday gift deliveries, and family assistance for Jewish seniors who may otherwise feel isolated from their communities.

Three women sit together in comfortable chairs on the front porch of Tamarisk Senior Living

Can’t stay at home any longer? Consider local senior living options:

If your loved one is approaching the time when staying at home is no longer an option, look for a local, non-profit senior living residence and community. It ensures a level of care and commitment for your loved one that national chains can’t provide. JCS has two great senior living options open to all faiths:

  • Shalom Apartments is an affordable independent living community for older adults and individuals in need of mobility support. A great solution for low and moderate-income individuals and families, Shalom has apartments on an 8.6 acre campus with support services and outreach also available. Learn more at https://jcsri.org/our-services/shalom-affordable-housing/
  • Tamarisk Senior Living Residence is an elegant senior living community designed to be a true home away from home with a focus on community, dining, gardening, and personalized care. There are numerous apartment layout options and a robust staff to help residents. Learn more at tamariskri.org.

In conclusion, there are lots of home support options available for seniors living in Rhode Island through JCS, a nonprofit social services agency that helps Rhode Islanders through all stages of life. If you or your loved one is looking for support or services not covered here, contact our team!

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