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Hans Bump, LICSW, traveled internationally as a young boy with his family, as his parents were adventurous, and his father had many overseas jobs. Recently, after many years of living in upstate New York, the Barrington, RI native returned to Rhode Island to help care for his aging relatives. He began his part-time position as a case manager in mid-October.

Q: What do you do as a clinical case manager for JCS?

A: I bring a passionate and caring side to support people who need assistance. Not only do I help people who are in difficult situations access the resources they need, but I also try to give them hope and support in a caring way. I am also learning more about the range of resources that are available here in Rhode Island.

There’s a fairly broad spectrum of people’s needs… it could be anything from financial help with home heating bills to referrals to one of JCS’ other departments, such as the Kosher Food Pantry, Counseling Center, or Adoption Options.

Clients also come to us through a variety of ways; some are already clients with our agency; from JCS’ Kesher program, Kosher Food Pantry, or our Counseling Center. Many are referred from outside agencies, as well.

My position is centered around providing one-on-one support to our case management clients and, eventually, I’ll also see clients in the Counseling Center. We’re working on getting my credentialing paperwork approved by insurance companies and from the state of Rhode Island.

Q: Can you talk more about how you give clients hope?

A: I offer clients options that hopefully address their immediate needs and address their future quality of life.  That includes trying to provide all assistance we are able to and then to potentially identify other resources that can fill the needs that we cannot.

Q: What drew you to enter the social work field?

A: I believe we’re all on this planet together and we all have to support each other; that’s best done through cooperation, collaboration, and treating people, especially those who are disenfranchised and struggle to have their voice heard, with respect. Everyone deserves an equal voice. I feel that it’s important to advocate for that goal.

Q: With COVID-related health and safety restrictions at JCS, have you met all of your colleagues?

A: People here have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and welcomed.  I’ve met some colleagues in person and others via Zoom meetings.

I’m on the Blue Team; when we’re at work at the JCS offices, the Green Team works from their homes remotely, and vice versa. Necessity is the mother of invention – and JCS is taking care to keep everyone safe, by limiting the number of people in the building.

Q: What’s a good day at work? What’s a good day at home, with hobbies, etc.?

A: A good day at work is when I can help others and approach my responsibilities with a sense of purpose, productivity, and a sense of humor. As for hobbies, I like to hike, bike ride, and play fantasy football.


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