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As we all navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves operating in ways that challenge our core value of connecting with people. When the need for social distancing and providing human services through virtual technology becomes the “new normal”, our agency rises to the challenge. Despite the need to be apart, we are all in this together and are finding ways to provide critical and meaningful connections.


Throughout this past week, JCS has witnessed heartwarming gestures. We plan to share these with you on an ongoing basis through social media and encourage you to do the same. They will hopefully warm your heart and be a welcome distraction to all. Listed below are “Outbreaks of Kindness” :
  • Children from Jewish Community Day School of RI, with the help of Andrea Katzman, sent over handmade cards for the Tamarisk Residents.
  • Marisa Garber, JCS Board Chair, Donated food for all the JCS staff still working within 1165.
  • The Ocean State Jeepsters are doing a drive-by “rolling rally” for health care workers and first responders. Donating prepackaged snacks, beverages, and PPE to Tamarisk.
  • Sara Ades Goodwin, Director of Major Gifts, Donated handmade masks for the staff of 1165
  • The students from Cohen Religious School, of Temple Torat Yisrael, made cards and flyers to be posted. (Thank you Dori Adler)
  • Sally Gerber, The tamarisk floral class instructor, sent homemade pressed paper cards with wonderful messages inside for the residents.
  • Jeff Salk of Salk’s Ace Hardware and Marine Generously Donated N 95 masks, non-disposable masks, and other PPE’s to Tamarisk Assisted Living.
  • One of our Tamarisk residents wanted to make sure her granddaughter was able to see how she displayed the beautiful bouquet of flowers that were sent to her. Our hard-working staff was able to accomplish this by laminating an 8×11 photo taken of the display of flowers to send to her. It was a gesture that was greatly appreciated by both her & her granddaughter!
  • Farming Turtles donated 150 packages of Microgreens to our Kosher Food Pantry!
  • Local restaurants were offering free grab-and-go lunches to children across the state who would normally rely on their school systems for lunch.
  • A client was evicted from his apartment and the electricity was shut off. It was an EXTREMELY difficult and complicated situation in the best of times. Yet, when the JCS case manager reached out to the RI Center for Justice to join efforts on this case, the woman who answered the call went above and beyond the call of duty to help resolve the issue. Her collaboration was seamless and partnership incredible – allowing the case to be resolved based on herculean efforts.
  • The Orthodox Union donated boxes of meat to our Kosher Food Pantry for Passover.
  • JOANN Stores were handing out free fabric supplies at curbside to anyone sewing face masks at home. In addition, people sewing masks could also drop off any items created, to be distributed to medical centers to help extend their dwindling supplies. *Call your local store to see if they are participating*
  • In just 5 days, Raise the Bar Nutrition, with the help of community donations, provided healthy tea and shakes to 500 front line workers. Their generosity included deliveries to the working staff at Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence in order to help provide proper nutrition.
  • After receiving the community e-blast we sent out, we were sent a sizable donation notifying us that the money could be used in any way it was most needed. WOW.
  • Upon canceling the Gutterman Memorial Lecture, we received a response from someone telling us to keep the registration fee rather than refund the money.
  • Volunteers (including staff) have come forward to offer to shop/deliver meals to the elderly.
  • We have been working closely with the Jewish Alliance – we are so appreciative – and they have been extremely supportive and attentive in our efforts to meet the community’s needs.
  • Our own Jeremy Thayer, JCS clinical supervisor, offered the community a variety of ZOOM webinars on how to deal with the stress of COVID-19. These webinars were shared throughout the Greater RI community and over 50 people “attended” his first-day sessions! His efforts go above and beyond in keeping clients and the community engaged with resources through these trying times. Kol hakavod, (way to go) Jeremy!
If you have an “Outbreak of Kindness” story you would like to share,
please send it our way! Or post directly on our Facebook page and on Instagram
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