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Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Meeting last week. We were able to present the successes of our programs, events, and initiatives in the fiscal year ending in 2019, and we also shared some of our plans for the future.

Thank you to…
Stacy and Doug Emanuel for hosting this year's meeting!
Executive Chef of Tamarisk, Deb Blazer, for an assortment of delicious appetizers and desserts.
Our outgoing Chair, Jeff Padwa, for his tenure.
Rabbi Michael Fel for the d'var Torah.
Adam Greenman who brought such kind greetings from the Alliance.
JCS’ Chief of Strategy and Administration, Susan Bazar, for managing the event.
JCS’ Marketing and Communications Manager, Jessica Murphy, for the creation of this year’s Annual Report and program.
NAMRA consulting for the creation of the video that highlights our programmatic success.
...and everyone in between who helped along the way. We genuinely thank everyone for your participation in this year’s annual meeting. With the strong attendance and excellent participation, we feel this was an extremely successful meeting. We look forward to this upcoming year with Marisa Garber at the helm of our board and to presenting another successful year at our 2020 Annual Meeting!
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