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Jewish Collaborative Services hosts 20th annual Julie Claire Gutterman Memorial Lecture; April 10 event will feature Deborah A. Dana, LCSW

Jewish Collaborative Services of Rhode Island (JCS) will present the 20th annual Julie Claire Gutterman Memorial Lecture, which fulfills the late Julie Gutterman’s commitment to and passion for social workers’ professionalism and continual education and learning. Deborah A. Dana, LCSW, will speak on “Navigating the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Theory Guided Approach to Therapy, on Wednesday, April 10, at Ledgemont Country Club, 131 Brown St., Seekonk, Massachusetts.

Based in Kennebunkport, Maine, Dana has a passion for neuroscience, which leads her to collaborate with researchers to better understand the science and psychology of lasting change. Dana’s professional commitments include clinical work, teaching and writing.

“We are delighted that Deborah will give the 20th annual Julie Claire Gutterman Memorial Lecture, the first sponsored by Jewish Collaborative Services of Rhode Island, after Jewish Family Service of Rhode Island (JFS) sponsored this important education program for 19 consecutive years,” said Erin Minior, President and Chief Executive Officer of JCS. “Her knowledge of how individuals’ autonomous nervous systems impact their responses to life challenges will offer valuable new guidance to the social workers and other mental health professionals who will attend the upcoming program.”

Julie Claire Gutterman’s untimely death in 1999 left her family, JFS – where Gutterman served for six years as Director of Professional Services – and countless friends and colleagues heartbroken. “Thanks to the generous philanthropy of her husband, Rabbi Leslie Y. Gutterman, JFS had chosen to honor her memory by hosting an annual lecture for mental health professionals to gather for a day of learning; and now JCS will continue this meaningful tradition,” says Minior. “We are so grateful to Rabbi Gutterman as well as the board, staff and friends of JCS for their support.”



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