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Shalom Affordable Housing

Community Resource for Nutrition


The Shalom Cafe provides fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals for older adults in our spacious community dining room.

Shalom Cafe is open to Warwick residents. Meals are served Monday through Friday at lunchtime. To attend, call the Cafe Manager at least three days in advance at (401) 737-0180 to secure your reservation.

For Meals on Wheels, sign up at www.rimeals.org or call (401) 351-6700. 

The Shalom Mealsite provides 27,000 nutritious and tasty meals each year for low-income seniors and disabled individuals.

 To apply today, or find out more information on how Shalom Affordable Housing meets the needs of Rhode Island’s qualified older adult and mobility-impaired residents, call (401) 738-4414 or email shalom@jfsri.org.