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Caregiver Support

The Partners in Care program provides free, in-home respite for military families caring for older or disabled adults. By relieving the stress on caregivers, this program helps them keep their loved ones at home. Thanks to funding from AmeriCorps, we are currently able to provide services at no cost to families.

Who Qualifies for Partners in Care?

Partners in Care serves families in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts who have a connection with military service and are caring for an older or disabled adult. 

  • The veteran or military connection may include in-laws, deceased relatives, or others not directly receiving caregiving.
  • Families caring for a loved one are eligible for Partners in Care whether or not they live with the person they care for.
  • Care recipients must be able to transfer and toilet independently.


If you are caring for a loved one and in need of support, our volunteers may be able to help. To learn more, contact us at (401) 331-1244 or Sam@jfsri.org.

Help families in your community by volunteering 


Help us reach our goal of matching 50 families with a volunteer by September 2020

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We have a waiting list of families in need of a little extra help to keep their loved ones living in their own homes.

You could be the person they are waiting for!

As a volunteer-driven program we cant do this without with the help of our community members! Partners in Care is always looking for individuals who are willing to give the gift of time to help those caring for loved ones. Just a few hours a week can make a huge difference for families. Having time to do errands, take care of other family members or take a break may be all they need to be able to keep their loved ones at home.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers help care recipients by offering:

  • Regular visits and companionship.
  • Recreational activities at home and in the community.
  • Help with small chores, errands and transportation.

Volunteers do not help with personal care or medications, and do not do any heavy lifting; all that’s needed are time and compassion.

Families currently matched with a volunteer


The Benefits of Volunteering

In addition to the satisfaction of giving back to our military families, Partners in Care volunteers receive AmeriCorps benefits. These include a $150 monthly living allowance and the opportunity to receive a $1,600 Education Award toward college. Volunteers aged 55 and up can gift this award to a child or grandchild. For information on how to get started, call (401) 331-1244 or email jessica@jfsri.org.

Donate to Partners in Care

Partners in Care is an AmeriCorps program that receives half of its funding from the federal Corporation for National and Community Service. Additional funding for program administration and other costs comes from JCS, with support from our generous donors.

When you donate to JCS, you can choose to direct funds to specific programs. To support Partners in Care, simply select it from the list once you’ve clicked below.