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Providence, RI – In February 2022, Erin Minior, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Collaborative Services (JCS), announced her retirement effective November 2022.

Erin was named President and CEO of JCS since its inception from the union of Jewish Family Services (JFS) and Jewish Seniors Agency (JSA), in 2018. Prior to she held the President and CEO position at JFS, culminating over 10 years as CEO in her career.

Encompassed in her 25 years with the agency, Erin also stood as a teacher and mentor in the academic setting. She worked in the Doctoring Program at Brown University’s Warren Alpert School of Medicine, and as a Field Supervisor for Rhode Island College School of Social Work. Prior to joining JFS, she served as Director of Social Work at Roger Williams Medical Center and Director of the Fall River Council on Aging.  Erin’s long-time colleague and friend, Patty Harwood (Chief of Programs at JCS), said “Erin’s skills as a social worker, mentor, administrator, communicator, and leader have enabled JCS to expand the support we offer to the Jewish community and beyond.”  Erin’s dedication to the field is also supported by her work on the boards of multiple organizations including but not limited to Somerset Council on Aging, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The CEO Council of the Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies (AJFCA), the Advisory Council of Bristol Elder Services and the Massachusetts Council of Family Servicing Agencies.

Though Erin’s history in this field is extensive, she is most proud of her work with JFS and JCS, which started in 1997. “Twenty-five years ago, my desire to work at JFS stemmed from my Jewish roots and desire to gain greater insight and association with Jewish culture and my identity” said Minior. Her roots and the highly professional and wholesome reputation of the professionals at JFS led her into a career she has now cherished for 25 years.

“I am grateful to have spent 25 years with this amazing agency and deeply honored to have led it through the union of JFS and JSA to what is today JCS, a process that many years to actual merge and integrate into a cohesive unit.  Under Minior’s leadership many significant accomplishments occurred outside of the union.  While at JFS, the agency’s budget and number of clients served increased by more than a third, vital programs such as Kesher and Case Management were developed, and secured funding to purchase and build out the main office building in Providence where JCS is housed.

In addition, Minior adds that “the board, our senior leadership team and I have laid out the groundwork for future long-term planning by undergoing an extensive program evaluation process that will help guide JCS for many years to come.” This gives me great confidence in JCS’s future successes.” Marisa Garber, who has worked side-by-side with Erin, most recently completing her third year as Board Chair of JCS, said, “The progress and advancement of our agency has blossomed under Erin’s wise and watchful eye as she leaves JCS in a stronger position to face future challenges.”

Erin’s passion for JCS’ mission will not stop. She has invested so much into the agency and will continue to do so as the agency moves forward, working with the JCS Board of Directors and her new successor, bringing new services and well-deserved distinction to our housing communities in whatever capacity is warranted. As retirement comes just in time to welcome her first grandson, she is looking forward to spending much of her newly founded time gardening and with family.

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