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A letter from Herb Meister, creator of JCS’ The Pushke Project:

When I think about the word legacy, so many things come to mind. Most important to me are the lessons I have taught my children and grandchildren and the fulfillment I have found in giving back to the community. Legacy for me truly is L’dor V’dor, passing on my lessons for generations to come.

Over twenty years ago, I was inspired to become a volunteer for Jewish Eldercare of Rhode Island (JERI), whose mission and core value is to provide visits and spiritual programs to the Jewish residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“I always found fulfillment in giving back to the community.” -Herb Meister (picture of Herb his grandson & daughter)

 My time spent as a volunteer for JERI was filled with meaning. For twenty plus years I visited with Jewish seniors across the state, bringing gifts from the JERI program for the holidays and forging meaningful relationships with them. I helped usher in residents for community high holiday services and delighted in creating initiatives like the Meister Menorah Project and Latke Day for Hanukkah. I share this with you to show my passion for this program and my desire to have it continue for many years to come.

Over the years my family and I also collected change and placed it in a home-made pushke (or tzedakah box). The change would add up quickly, and we would donate it to our favorite charity. I realize that if everyone donates their change from their pushke to the JERI Program at JCS, it would be another opportunity to teach the importance of “giving back” and to ensure that the JERI program is supported.

As Purim approaches in March, many people make donations in lieu of sending Mishloach Manot, gifts of food to family and friends.  This year, in support of this, JERI will provide free “pushke kits” to encourage all those in the community to create their own pushke. The Pushke Project is also a wonderful opportunity for our hebrew – religious school students and families of all ages to work together and make an impact.

Whether you use a tzedakah box you already have at home or order a “pushke kit” and make one on your own, please consider following my lead by donating your change from your pushke/tzedakah box to JCS’ The Pushke Project.

To order your kit (Each kit contains one pushke box), please contact JERI coordinator, Susie Adler. If you would like to donate your change back to JCS’ JERI program, you can also contact Susie for drop off locations. Susie can be contacted at 401-486-3890 or email Susie at susie@jfsri.org.

My hope is that, by working together, the change collected through this Pushke Project will positively impact the Jewish seniors we love and care for, well into the next generation.

Warm regards,

Herb Meister

You can also donate directly online by clicking here. designate your gift to Jewish Eldercare of RI (JERI) and select the “Pushke Project”.


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