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Join Lisa Ferentz, a recognized expert in the strengths-based, de-pathologized treatment of trauma, as she discusses how the experience of trauma, abuse, or neglect impacts clients’ thoughts, feelings, and behavioral choices in a myriad of ways.
There is a universal component: most trauma survivors grapple with varying degrees of guilt and shame. These emotions are so pervasive they are often accepted and “normalized’ as an inevitable and intractable part of a trauma survivor’s daily existence. Yet “trauma-informed” therapists know that until these powerful and debilitating emotions are identified and addressed, it is nearly impossible for clients to achieve the level of healing they deserve and need. This workshop will provide a clinical framework so therapists can compassionately assist their clients in understanding and addressing the root causes of guilt and shame.


Participants will learn how to didactically and experientially incorporate:
  • Psychoeducation to help clients gain insight and awareness about the byproducts and coping strategies associated with trauma.
  • An understanding of the “protective intentions” of the inner critic.
  • The healing power of the therapeutic relationship.
  • The two main antidotes to guilt and shame: curiosity and compassion.
  • Expressive modalities allow for the processing and releasing of these toxic emotions.

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Continuing Education Credit: 

We have applied for 3 CEU’s for Social Workers, Psychologists,
Marriage & Family Therapists, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors

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