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23rd Annual Julie Claire Gutterman Memorial Lecture

Join Lisa Ferentz, a recognized expert in the strengths-based, de-pathologized treatment of trauma, as she discusses how the experience of trauma, abuse, or neglect impacts clients’ thoughts, feelings, and behavioral choices in a myriad of ways. There is a universal...

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Culture Club helps maintain JCS staff morale during COVID

When Covid hit, The JCS staff faced a double challenge as they continued to work through the 15-month pandemic shutdown: Not only were many of these staff members providing social services, counseling, and other supports to people who needed help even before COVID...

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Inside and out, Tamarisk is buzzing with lively activities

“Celebrating Life at Tamarisk” is The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence’s tagline; after the past 15 pandemic-filled months, Tamarisk’s residents, staff, and volunteers are celebrating life with spirit and enthusiasm. “We’re open for tours, our...

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Save Some Change to Make a Change

Giving to those in need is an essential and basic component of Jewish tradition and daily life. That is why JCS’ Pushke Project is so important to longtime JERI (Jewish Eldercare of Rhode Island) volunteer, Herb Meister. Pushke is derived from the Polish word, puszka,...

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